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My Savings

Imagine being at a dentist and getting a shocking bill with inflated treatment cost after service. These situations are not hypothetical anymore and are happening with every other individual we meet. MyDentalPlan works well when you do not want any surprises with the bills and the rates charged for dental issues. The plans are well designed to keep the rates transparent and cover a wide range of dental procedures.


Cost Saving

For instance, Root Canal Therapy has become a common dental care procedure that a majority of people have to go through. While this procedure is expensive per tooth on average in major cities, as a MyDentalPlan subscriber, you can save up to 30% on Root Canal treatment and your out of pocket expense is reduced to a large extent.


Time Saving

With network clinics across the country, there is always an ease to access clinic closer to you. This saves your efforts and time in finding a dental clinic around you for getting treated immediately.