What should you know about lip cancer?


Lip cancer is one type of mouth cancer. It might sound a little scary, but it can be treated very quickly when it is caught in the early stage. This is the reason why early diagnosis is essential. As per the suggestion given by dentalhealth.org, when an early diagnosis is made, the survival chance increases.

If you are not much aware of this particular type of mouth cancer, then do not worry because you are not alone. Even if 88% of the British public knows about lip cancer, they do not know its signs and symptoms. According to the Oral Health Foundation, lip cancer is responsible for more yearly deaths than cervical and testicular cancer.


Therefore, knowing what you should look for and how it differs from other kinds of cancer is vital.


Signs and symptoms of lip cancer

  •         Sores that remain open
  •         A red patch that soon turns crusty starts itching and also bleeds
  •         The growth looks like a wart
  •         Changes in the lip skin
  •         A pale skin area that looks like a scar.



Like all other cancer, the leading cause of lip cancer is lifestyle. Here are a few factors that enhance the risk

  •         Exposure to the sun
  •         Use of Tobacco
  •         Use of Alcohol

Maximum cases of lip cancer occur because of high exposure to the sun. With climate change, such as ozone layer depletion, global warming, and air pollution, the risk of getting lip cancer will only increase. In addition to all these posts, covid people have started various outdoor activities like running, gardening, and water sports, enhancing exposure to UV radiation.

The use of Tobacco and alcohol also enhances the risk factors. Those who drink about three to four alcoholic beverages in a day are more likely to get mouth cancer than those who do not take them. Similarly, the risk is higher among those who use tobacco than those who do not.


How to know whether it is a cold sore or cancer?

Some panic when they see open sores on their lips, but not all open sores are canker sores. Even if cancerous sores look or feel like cold sores when they appear first, the thing is, they will not heal fast. One thing you should keep in mind is when you notice any changes in your lips and their appearance, you must talk to your dental professional. They can assure you or can refer you for a second opinion.

Moreover, lip cancer is different from other cancers because the chance of getting cured is more when caught in an early stage and is quite visible. Therefore, it's important to go for a regular check-up with your dentist to decrease the chance of a late diagnosis. Dental professionals available in Mydentalplan.in are all well-trained in detecting all signs of mouth cancer. Any changes in your lips, such as growths, sores or changes in color, must be reported to your dental doctor. Early diagnosis is very important as lip cancers are curable when treated early.


How to prevent lip cancer?

To decrease the chance of getting lip cancer, you have to make several lifestyle changes, such as

  •     If you are consuming alcohol every day, then you need to decrease or stop it.
  •     If you consume Tobacco, you have to stop taking it to reduce the chance of getting lip cancer.
  •     Make use of lip balm with good SPF to protect your lips from UV rays coming from sunlight, even on dull days.



Change your lifestyle for the betterment and remain vigilant of any changes on your lips. Remain aware of lip cancer and try to share your knowledge with others to help them. If you want to know more about lip Cancer, its symptoms, and its risks, you can reach our dentists at MyDentalPlan-India’s Largest Dental network platform.




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