People have a big misconception that only home remedies are the best solutions for all dental issues. But these home remedies do not help resolve your teeth' condition. In those cases, only expert teeth cleaning is required. Generally, people become afraid when they think of teeth cleaning due to the strange noises and discomfort in the jaw. And also, there are many people for whom teeth cleaning is comfortable and painless.


Before you opt for teeth cleaning, there are some myths about teeth cleaning that you must be aware of:


1. Myth: Dental cleaning can cause teeth sensitivity


Fact: It's not true because teeth cleaning is a non-invasive procedure when there is excess formation of calculus and plaque on your teeth. When there is tartar or calculus on your teeth, it makes your gums shrink. Scaling recognizes those areas of your teeth formerly covered with tartar, thereby exposing tooth roots. This can lead to temporary teeth sensitivity, which will improve in a day or two. In addition, some of the sensitive toothpaste that consists of potassium nitrate can assist in decreasing sensitivity. 


2. Myth: Dental cleaning results in tooth mobility


Fact: If a person is experiencing periodontitis, dental scaling will never result in tooth mobility. Routine checkups and dental scaling done by experts in an excellent dental clinic at least twice a year can help dissuade periodontitis.


3. Myth: Cleaning teeth mainly involves enamel removal

True: It is not so, and teeth cleaning does not require anesthesia. It is done through an ultrasonic scaler,  and constant irrigation using water. It is used to decrease the amount of complex calculus present outside the tooth and does not cause any harm to the enamel or the oral tissue.


4. Myth: Beauty salons are suitable for whitening your teeth


Fact: As per NHS, teeth whitening is a kind of dentistry and should only be done by some expert dentist or any other good dental professional like a dental hygienist or dental therapist but on the prescription of a dentist. While some beauty salons provide teeth whitening, it is not legal as no dental professionals are present, and it can be risky.


5. Myth: Teeth scaling or teeth cleaning will weaken your teeth


Fact: This is not true. Even if your teeth have many enemies, cleaning or scaling will not create any problems. With teeth cleaning and scaling, the sticky plaque is eliminated along with calculus which can't be done with your daily oral routines. Therefore, it is vital for the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth.


6. Myth: Brush often: You might think that brushing often helps keep your teeth clean


Fact: Over-brushing/Only brushing is not suitable for your teeth as it wears them down. Brushing twice a day is enough and also remember to rinse your teeth each time you finish eating.


7. Myth: It's not safe to floss your bleeding gums

Fact: If your gums are very painful and bleeding, you might be waiting till it heals before flossing. But that is not good. If you floss regularly, your gums will start healing fast. When you floss regularly, your gums will remain healthy, and it is less painful.


8. Myth: Clean your teeth before your dental appointment, and your dentist can't notice

Fact:  Do you brush and floss just before your dental work in the hope that your dentist cannot see that you are not taking good care of your teeth? Your dentist can surely tell. If you have not brushed your teeth or flossed in a while, your gums become red and swollen. It's best to stay honest with the dentist about the level of care, which will give you a good experience.


So, these are some common myths that people usually have in their minds. It's time to remove all those myths from your mind and approach the proper dental care. Everyone deserves dental treatment that assists them in meeting their ever-changing requirements. MyDentalPlan is a platform that has many dentists who combine the recent technologies and latest techniques to offer the right aesthetic and restorative dentistry all over India.




About the Author:

Suprithi Choudhary, M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Medical Content writer

Suprithi is a Pharma Professional working as a medical content writer and previously worked as a Research Scientist and Senior Research Analyst


  • C.M Academy
  • Attended the Panjab University- Chandigarh, Pharma post-graduate in Pharmacology

Special thanks to Dr Deepak Kulkarni, a dental surgeon with over 23 years of experience who proofread this blog. He graduated from the H.K.E's Dental College, Gulbarga, and has certifications in ACHS International Accreditation Education Plan; Advanced Rotary Endodontic - Restorative Continuum; and Leadership, Team Building and Customer Service Leadership from the Oscar Murphy International.

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