Lost your teeth, gone through an extraction due to injury or disease? A denture is a solution! Yes, you can actually restore your smile with the help of a denture. However, it can be a little stressful if you don't know what to expect out of a denture. 


Don't worry, we're right here to help. Let's look around the points you should know to help reduce your anxiety and make the right decision when getting dentures for the first time.

Here are the expected steps to take place during your denture fitting process:


Tooth Removal – Don't be afraid, your dentist will and surely, offer advice for aftercare to make you feel relaxed and fully informed during tooth removal.

Mouth Impression – Every mouth is different, the way we have fingerprints. In order to fashion a customised denture for you, the impression of your mouth will be recorded.

Bite Casts – To learn about your biting action, wax blocks are used. You may also be asked to pick out the shape and colour of your new denture at this point.

Wax Models – In order to give you a better understanding of how your final denture will appear and work, your artificial teeth are set in wax.

Denture Fitting – You are all set with your final denture. It is fitted, and you will be given instructions on how you should care for it.

Immediate Dentures – You can ask your dentist about getting an immediate denture once your teeth have been removed.


Just not that but the after process also revolves around a few challenges. On your first day with new dentures, you may feel like giving up. While a few months before you get fully accustomed to your new dentures can be challenging with sore spots due to adjustment issues. This can be fixed by your dentist. Once you get your dentures adjusted, you won’t be having any more soreness or pain in your mouth.

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