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Know Proper Brushing technique



Are you bored of using manual toothbrushes? A manual toothbrush can be an effective tool, but it can be difficult to adequately clean between teeth, around back teeth, or in other hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This results in gradual accumulation of plaques and often leads to tartar, decay or other dental problems.

Electric Toothbrushes

Do you mind if someone brush your teeth in behalf of you? You might be surprised to notice that electric toothbrushes are regulated as medical devices. Electric toothbrushes promote cleaner teeth using a bristle head that moves at a rate much faster than any human hand can brush on its own. Regular manual toothbrush can only deliver 300 to 600 movements per minute while an electric toothbrush deliver up to 100 times more movements per minute than a manual one. Moreover it offers a varying number of cleaning modes, so you can personalize your clean and achieve your brushing goals.

Key Benefits

More effective cleaning power:
Electric toothbrushes are designed to clean every part of your mouth. It works even in hard-to-reach areas and the tiniest cracks between the teeth. Very high range and variety of movements effectively clean up the teeth and gum.

Less tooth abrasions: Proper monitoring sensors are there to optimize brushing time and intensity. This reduces the chances of tooth abrasions.

Prevent cavities and tooth decay: Brushing properly is the best way to prevent cavities. Electric toothbrushes assist to make your brushing technique significantly more effective, so that fewer opportunities for tooth decay. Their oscillating and pulsating action effectively removes plaque and thus prevents cavities by broken enamel.

Built in special features: It is easy to miss track of time with manual toothbrushes. Electrical toothbrushes are made with timer. This ensures proper brushing time as per recommendations and requirements. Additionally, electrical tooth brushes comes with a variety of modes like daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, massage, whitening, tongue cleaning etc. This can rectify a wide range of dental problems in faster and effective manner. Visual pressure sensors alert you from exerting excessive pressure while brushing, this is very helpful for gum care. Rechargeable base facilitate hassle free daily use.

Effective gum care: The chances of gum disease can be significantly lowered when plaque is removed and prevented from its accumulation. The vibrating motions of an electric toothbrush is beneficial for your gums as it provide a gentle massage to stimulate healthy blood circulation. It is possible to avoid vigorous brushing through pressure sensors that automatically stop if there is too much pressure being applied. They can effectively protect from gingivitis too.

Get rid of bad breath: Removing plaque and food particles are critical in preventing bad breath. Round and cup-shaped heads of electric toothbrushes pulsates to loosen plaque and rotates to sweep it away. In addition, tongue cleaning mode helps to clean the tongue where most of the bacteria that causes bad breath lives.

Better delivery of fluoride: Enables better fluoride distribution throughout the mouth. This helps to prevent dental decay.

Easier for children and seniors: It is never too easy to get children in the habit of good oral care. Children and lazy brushers find electrical toothbrushes more interesting. It is also helpful for geriatrics especially with conditions like arthritis and cognitive impairment. Electrical toothbrushes make brushing simpler and less challenging.

Better for environment: You may wonder that, it takes about 25 replacement heads to equal the plastic in just one manual brush. Majority of manual brushes are not recyclable whereas many replacement toothbrush heads can be recycled.

Electric toothbrushes are effective and enhance oral hygiene. They are very convenient and more user-friendly. People with sensitive teeth may find difficulty with electric toothbrushes. Although they are much more expensive than manual ones, it has superior advantages and features. As per the recommendations, every three months you have to change the brush head. Careful handling and proper maintenance is needed for appropriate and long-term use.

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