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Know Proper Brushing technique

My Dental Plan along with Delhi Public school holds the prestigious Guinness World Record for “Most people brushing their teeth simultaneously in a single venue” under the ‘BRUSH RIGHT SMILE BRIGHT’ campaign.

The Record

  • Date: 07th January 2016
  • Venue: Delhi Public school, East Bangalore
  • Participants: 16414 people
  • Organizing Team: Along with My Dental Plan and Delhi Public School team, 1000+ volunteers and 400+ stewards
  • Goal: Create Oral health awareness amongst general public

Oral Health Awareness

Dental caries is a common and major problem among the school going children with nearly 55% being affected. This is due to the lack of awareness among parents and the children. With a mission to create an awareness about dental care, My Dental Plan team organized a mega event that grabbed peoples’ attention and astounding response.

The earlier such record of 13800 people was created in El Salvador, South America in 1995. “We had a total of twenty schools that participated in the event out of which six were Government schools, Sarjapur area, Bangalore and fourteen others were Private Schools. We also had the opportunity to host forty Autistic children and a hundred and sixty children were from Sai Brindavan School for deaf and dumb. It was a huge responsibility for us as organizers to ensure that the children were at all times safe and taken care of. Thanks to an organized team effort we were able to pull it off

Dr.Mohendar NarulaCEO MY DENTAL PLAN

The Brush right Smile Bright campaign conceptualized by My Dental Plan healthcare Pvt. Ltd and Delhi Public School (KKECT) in Bangalore was designed to spread the message of the importance of correct brushing among children. After a thorough scrutiny the effort has fetched the team the Guinness World record for the most number of people brushing their teeth at a single venue. My Dental Plan believes that “The Golden Rule to health is Prevention”

Their mission is to free the children of India from caries by the year 2020. In this attempt and in association with Delhi Public School the victory of the "Brush right Smile Bright"campaign.

During this campaign about 20,000 children were screened in the age group of 6-16 for dental status given live demo videos on right brushing technique. On 7th January 2016 all assembled to brush correctly and to be evaluated by an independent body for accuracy.

The process and hopes to break the existing Guinness world record. The record is an extension of our mission to make Health a priority- The FUN way.

Manila CarvalhoPRINCIPAL OF DPS East

As the name suggests, inculcating simple hygiene habits in children will go a long way in preserving their smiles for a long period. Generally the misconception among parents even in the urban well educated lot is that milk teeth do not require treatment and care as it is going to shed. The major part of physical growth and psychological development happens during these growing years.

Dental treatment and care during these formative years is of utmost importance to give the child a healthy future.

The Guinness record was a means to bring the issues of awareness among parents and also to teach children the importance of brushing correctly.

It was highly gratifying to see this large activity with 17000 children, 1000 doctors and 1000 teachers as coordinators. We are highly indebted to the Management of Delhi Public School managed by KKECT for partnering with us for this social venture.

Dr. AnandaKrishna. G.NCFO, My Dental Plan

“The Event was organized to bring about awareness of preventive dental care and simple steps such as brushing twice a day can prevent majority of dental problems. Bringing the awareness of visiting a dentist every six months and getting professional cleaning done as recommended by WHO will help in keeping their teeth for lifetime. These good values need to be inculcated in children very early in their childhood and reinforced by parents at home and teachers in school”

Dr.Latha Anandakrishna Associate Dean M.S.Ramaiah University of Advanced Sciences.

“Oral health among children has always been a concern in India. It is evident from oral health statistics of our country that there is a lack of awareness among parents about dental health at large and added to that our careless attitude towards health. With the Brush Right Campaign we wanted to sensitize everyone concerned about the importance of oral health. And we believe that children make one of the best messengers.”


For a better dental care and oral health, follow the basic and simple techniques and stay healthy as ever.


Brushing twice a day


Visit the dentist every six months


Use correct brushing techniques