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Dental Plans

My Dental Plan offers complete and comprehensive benefit coverage including diagnostic, preventive, major and specialty services including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, wisdom teeth removal, periodontal surgeries, oral cancer treatments etc. The plans include more than 250 dental procedures, which have 40% lower co-payments than the usual and customary rates (UCR). The plan has fixed lower price (than usual and customary rate) for each procedure, to avoid any confusion and keep the standardized price in the entire region. Two dental cleanings and consultations are free on all dental plans by the contracted providers. There is no waiting period on any treatment. There is no deductible to meet and no maximum limit on usage per calendar. There are no claim forms. All pre-existing conditions are covered. No one will be denied from coverage.

There are two types of plans available; one is Individual Plan, where a person enrolls and pays the premium for the whole year in advance and  Group Plan, for a group of employees working in an organization where the premiums can be paid by the organization and/or by the employee.

Enroll and avail quality dental treatment at affordable prices and get 25 to 40% off on all your dental treatment in our 2500 and still growing clinics of My Dental Plan network across the country.Choosing the dentist near you and getting quality dental care at affordable prices has made My Dental Plan as a favourite choice for oral healthcare.