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Individual Plan

A solution for you and your family’s Dental care.Worried aboutquality of treatment and mounting Dental treatment expenses? Individual Dental Plan assures quality Dental treatments at uniform rates.


Junior Plan

Like your child to have a caries-free childhood? It is possible with My Dental Plan’s Junior Plan. It helps detect early tooth decay which can be nipped in the bud. Your child can get an expert consultations and advice for a healthier future at an affordable rate.


Specialty Plan

Looking for Dental care under special conditions? Your needs are better taken care with Specialty Dental Plans from My Dental Plan. These Premium Plans are designed to cater to anyone in your family who needs special attention due to pregnancy or diabetics.


Group Plan

My Dental Plan Group Plan is suitable for organizations / Institutions and offers health benefits to their employees/families. It is also suitable for schools and other institutions. Oral disease prevention is one of the most effective way of improving productivity and attendance. Studies have proved that it is also a valuable means to reduce health expenses as oral health is linked to many diseases.