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My Dental Plan Provider Network

My Dental Plan believes that it can attract and retain a competent network of dentists because of its potential ability to provide a reliable supply of new patients, its co-payment structure, and its timely remittance and structure of capitation fees.

My Dental Plan has contracts with a network of more than 300 general and specialist dentists to provide dental benefits to our Bangalore members. These dentists represent some of the most reputable Dentists practicing in Bangalore today.

My Dental Plan Provider Selection committee, created by My Dental Plan Dental Director, is comprised of members of the local dental community with expertise in peer review, utilization and managed care management. This Committee is responsible for reviewing and managing dental credentials of the provider network.

My Dental Plan welcomes new Dental providers to join the network. Service Representatives are standing by to help you get started. Contact us at info@mydentalplan.in


Quality Assurance

Through the Quality Assurance Committee, My Dental Plan continually evaluates and monitors the standard of care delivered to its enrollees in a manner consistent with its business objective of ensuring high-quality dental care. My Dental Plan Dental Director, a licensed dentist, directly supervises the administration of its quality management program. In establishing a large network of competent dentists in convenient and strategic locations, My Dental Plan engages in an active recruitment program that includes a screening of applications for network membership, personal visits to potential dentists, reference checks with state licensing authorities, validation of malpractice coverage, and initial certification

The Plan also engages in an ongoing monitoring of its dentists through periodic on-site visits by its Dental Director. The Plan maintains administrative systems to record, monitor, investigate, and promptly resolve all enrollee complaints regarding the dental services.

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