The surprising facts we don’t realise about the wisdom tooth:


  1. Technically the Wisdom Teeth are the third molars but since they grow during the age of 17-25 years they are referred to as Wisdom Teeth because of the “age of wisdom”.
  2. All the other teeth are formed in the fetus while in the womb.
  3. About 35% of the whole population are born without wisdom teeth.
  4. Almost 85% of people need their wisdom teeth to be removed eventually.
  5. 90% of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth, i.e., when the teeth while growing out of the gum starts tilting and grows at an awkward angle. It further crowds the rest of the teeth.
  6. Research proves that the early humans had more wear on their teeth due to rough diet, diet is said to be responsible for impacted wisdom teeth. The wear and tear provided the needed space for the Wisdom teeth to grow.
  7. Studies have been going on to prevent the growth of Wisdom Teeth.


Do not worry about the extraction procedure if your dentist informs you that you will need to get your Wisdom Tooth removed. The process is very common but an essential part of your oral care.

Being up-to-date about your oral wellness is the first step to preventing unwanted issues. Experts suggest that two visits per annum to the dentist are necessary. 

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