Lately while shopping for clothes, footwear and accessories we also look for a mask to go along the outfit. From surgical masks to colourful printed ones, people are experimenting with a lot of variations. 


Of course, it all started with the necessity to protect oneself from the unwanted microorganisms flying around in public places. But these small pieces of protective wear have also made us aware of the bad smell coming from our mouths, come on, don’t deny it!


Masks have proven to be such helpful tools in fighting the battle against the pandemic. While wearing a mask has become a part of our life and lifestyle, it may also give you the ‘Mask Mouth’ problem.


Researchers deduced that wearing masks for a prolonged period is the cause of the ‘Mask Mouth’ condition that envelops various symptoms and complications in oral health


While wearing masks we tend to drink less water which leads to dehydration, it also dries up the mouth and increases the risk of infection while reducing the formation of saliva. 


Let us look at the issues that Mask Mouth may cause:

Increases tooth decay

Inflamed gums

Bad breath 

Gum disease

Ulcers in the mouth

Burning sensation on the tongue and in the cheek


Here are some symptoms to be aware of while trying to avoid Mask Mouth Condition:

Dry mouth

Bad breath

Bleeding gums


No, you are not to throw away the masks, they prevent contraction of infections like COVID-19, all one needs to do is beware of their oral health and take some preventive measures. 


The oral routine, including gums, should be kept impeccable. Hydrate yourself enough and use clean masks. If you wear your mask for a long period, make sure to freshen up your mouth in between cleanings by using some mouthwashes, mouth fresheners or pain water rinse (if nothing is available). 


Visiting a dental care professional on a regular basis (at least twice a year) and getting your teeth cleaned will help you to keep up with your oral wellbeing. 


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